Welcome to Messiah!

Messiah is a community of Christians seeking to live face to face with God, with our brothers and sisters in Christ, and with the most vulnerable. Our faith and our life are rooted in the central Christian practices of every time and place: worship, prayer, celebrating holy baptism and holy communion, helping children grow in faith and knowledge, ministering to our community and the world, speaking for justice and wholeness in our lives and in the world, and inviting anyone to come and be a part of it all. 

We worship at three times every weekend: 

On Saturdays at 5 p.m. we celebrate Holy Communion in a casual, intimate atmosphere with piano and hymns. This service takes place in our Luther Center and lasts about 50 minutes.

On Sundays at 8 a.m. we celebrate Holy Communion with a diverse mix of music and instruments. This service takes place in our sanctuary and lasts about one hour.

On Sundays at 9:30 a.m. we celebrate Holy Communion with a diverse mix of music and instruments. From the second weekend in September until Memorial Day, Sunday School begins after the children's sermon. This service takes place in our sanctuary and lasts about one hour and ten minutes. 

Additionally, on the first Wednesday of every month at 10:30 a.m. we celebrate Holy Communion at Wauconda Care and Rehabilitation Center.

You are welcome here, because God welcomes you. 

What's Happening Right Now

Sign up to help out with PADS!

Our new season of PADS--Providing Advocacy, Dignity, and Shelter--is starting up this weekend! You can sign up here to take a shift with this powerful ministry with homeless adults.

Sunday School, for children ages 3 through 5th grade, begins in worship each week at 9:30am. To register for Sunday School click here for the form. Contact our Christian Education Director, Kristin Isom for more information.

Calling all Middle Schoolers! 

Join us for Pathway, Messiah's 3-year Confirmation program designed to prepare middle school students to affirm the promises to affirm the promises that were made for them in Baptism. Wednesday nights during the school year we enjoy Bible lessons, games, retreats, service projects, and small groups. To register for Pathway click here for the form. Contact our Youth Ministry Director, Jessica Wallwin for more information.

Calling all Almost Middle Schoolers!

5th graders are invited to come for a Taste of Pathway on Wednesday, February 20 from 7-8:30 pm as an introduction to the next step of their faith journey.

Messiah's FREE Community Meal is coming up on Wednesday, February 20 from 5:30-7 p.m. RSVP here or just show up!  February's theme is "We Heart Our Neighbors" and will include an Immigration Education event after the meal.

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Click here for a full calendar of events.

Advent: Waiting and Hoping

I hope I won't alienate anyone reading this by admitting that I actually kind of like being called for jury duty. Sure, it can be a hassle, especially if your life isn't easy to rearrange for a day or two or more. But I believe in the idea of jury trials (I was a civics geek in school, sue me), and I know that everyone has to do their part in order for it to work. Even if I also know that any lawyer, defending or prosecuting, who didn't strike me from a panel would deserve to be disbarred. Be that as it may.

When I showed up at the jury room at the courthouse in Waukegan early in November, I remembered that it's like a holding pen. A nice one, really--comfortable, with a little café area and a quiet workspace. But your main job is to wait. Wait for the judge to welcome you, wait for the jury director guy to announce a panel, wait for your number to be called. People read, or work, or look at their phones, or chat with their fellow jurors. I did some work and then read a book. I did pretty well on the court trivia questions projected on the tv screens. 

I never did get called, and eventually got released for the day and the rest of the week. But there was something calming about the experience of just sitting there, waiting. You can busy yourself with all kinds of tasks, large or small, important or trivial. But you never quite forget that you're just sitting there, waiting to be called or not. Life is like that, maybe more than we usually realize. We have plenty to occupy us, but a lot of those tasks take place under the umbrella of waiting for...something. Life passages, big events, sudden crises or opportunities that require something of us. And often enough, those passages and events and crises don't look much like whatever we expected them to be. And we don't necessarily respond the way we would expect ourselves to, either.

The season of Advent is about that experience, as we hear it in the words of people who knew they were waiting--waiting for God to act in the world, waiting for relief from oppression, waiting for a Redeemer. And none of that looks exactly like people had expected it to look, and no one responds exactly as they might have expected themselves to respond. But the lesson is more or less clear: when we wait for God, we don't wait in vain. And the tasks we are given to occupy us while we wait--faith, hope, charity for each other and the world--are not just filling time but pointing the world to the One who makes time and space, work and rest, waiting and fulfillment. Don't miss this season of fearful wonder, awesome hope, and glorious fulfillment. See you in church!