Church Council

Council members are listed below along with the ministries for which they serve as liaison.

  • council members / LIAISONS

    Executive Council

    Pastor Dawn Roucka - Interim Senior Pastor

    Candy Leonard (Council President) - Service Ministries, Staff Support

    Ashley Rabe (Vice President) - Multimedia, Staff Support

    Liz Sellers (Secretary) - Health & Wellness/Safety, Communications, Liaison to Preschool

    Sally Lubeno  (Non-voting, Treasurer) - Joyful Outreach Committee

    Council Members

    Curt DeCaro - Adult Education

    Dawn Haley

    Roger Kroes - Nominating Committee / Mutual Ministry

    Marcia McWilliams

    Dan Nellessen - Call Committee, Nominating Committee

    Barry Polhemus - Staff Support, Property, Finance

    Matt Rector

    Charlene Salte - Outdoor Beautification Committee

    Doug Whitemarsh - Transition Team

Minutes and reports

Please note: Council meeting minutes are approved at the following month's meeting, so they will be posted only after Council approval.