Our Staff

  • Rev. Dawn Roucka, INTERIM Senior PASTOR

    Pastor Dawn D. Roucka currently serves as Messiah's Intentional Interim Senior Pastor. She began work in October 2021 and has jumped right in. Pastor Roucka has extensive experience as an interim pastor and we welcome her warmth and expertise!

    Pastor Roucka’s 30 year professional experience spans topics many will not talk about in polite company – acting, politics and religion. As a shy kid, Dawn grew up loving theater as a place to exhibit her creative expressive side and later post-college served at the US Senate. She is an ordained ELCA pastor who has traveled widely as an advocate and speaker sharing development work with people in vulnerable situations across the US, Serbia, the Republic of Moldova, former East Germany, and Tanzania.  


    Pastor Roucka loves helping people find the best of themselves in the worst of situations, and she keeps flexible herself by dabbling in the art of improvisation as both performance and a teaching technique, and dancing with her husband and ballroom dance partner. Dawn and her husband, Ken, live in Bartlett with their cats, Loki and Vincent. 

    Pastor can be seen weekly, outside of regular worship, on the vlog, “Midweek Messiah: Ministry in Motion” on Messiah’s Facebook page, or in our community news or through her blog at www.SpiritPartnerships.com which includes ideas and prayers for worship and partnering with the playful spirit.

    Need to contact Pastor Roucka? 

    Email: pastor.roucka@messiah-wauconda.org        

    Office Phone: 847-526-7161, ext. 115

  • LIsa kale, Office administrator

    Lisa started with Messiah Lutheran Church in the summer of 2022 and we can't imagine the office without her! She brings several years of office experience with her. When Lisa is not at work, she enjoys spending time with her family and three dogs. During the warmer months she likes to be outside taking care of her lawn, gardening or enjoying her deck.

    Need to contact Lisa? 

    Email: lisa.kale@messiah-wauconda.org

    Office Phone: 847-526-7161

  • Sue Kreckman, Administrative assistant

    Sue Kreckman has served in Messiah's Church Office for many years. Sue brings our worship bulletin to life each week and provides experienced expertise to a variety of other support tasks. 

    Need to contact Sue?

    Email: sue.kreckman@messiah-wauconda.org

    Office Phone: 815-526-7161

  • Pam dadian, Music Director

    Pam Dadian is our passionate, talented, dedicated Music Director. Pam has served Messiah for over 40 years and continues to share her musical gifts with our community, Pam and her team of musicians provide the music for each of our worship services. Pam oversees our vocal choir, ensemble praise band SANS, and coordinates our strings ensemble and Gosbells handbell choir. 

    Need to contact Pam? 

    Email: pam.dadian@messiah-wauconda.org