Who Is Welcome at Messiah?

Everyone is welcome.

Messiah Evangelical Lutheran Church is a community of Christians seeking to welcome and connect everyone, make disciples of everyone, and share Jesus' love everywhere.

You are welcome here if you are single, married, widowed or divorced; gay or straight; male or female. 

You are welcome here if you have more bills than you can handle, and are welcome if you have more money than you know what to do with. You are welcome here wherever you went to school, whatever you learned (or didn't learn), whatever language you speak, wherever you're from, and however you get around. 

You are welcome here if you grew up Lutheran or if you don't know what a Lutheran is. People who have mixed feelings about religion are very welcome here, as are people who have no idea why anyone would go to church, who are here to make their relatives happy, or who turned onto the wrong "Old Rand Road" from Highway 12. You are welcome here if you drink, if you don't, if you are in recovery, or if you are not quite there yet. You are welcome if you can't stand your parents or if you text them five times a day, and especially welcome if you do both. 

You are welcome here if you are angry, cheerful, confused, doubting, hurt, happy, listless, lost, wistful, yearning, right-wing, left-wing, or not into politics. You are welcome here if all you really need is to be around people. You are welcome here even if you root for the wrong sports team, are in the wrong mood, or just want to sing. 

You are welcome here because God welcomes you.